Killers of The True Holy War


  • Author Name: Peter Abrahams
  • Publication Date: 28/08/17
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781911320845

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Observing the terrible suffering of children around the world, especially in developing countries, brought about by bad religious teachings and warped exegesis, served as the catalyst for Peter to write Killers of the True Holy War.

In this, Abraham’s debut novel, themes of religion, terrorism and poverty meet those of mind, body and spirit. A young boy is haunted by the tragic and traumatising aftermaths of religious wars that surround him. He wishes to help those that have been killed in the name of religion. Asleep one night, he dreams of a mysterious spray that can eradicate poverty – which becomes an obsession. The boy is invited to London, where he meets three English girls in a white mansion.

At the same time, a Seer, the Mejai, has a premonition that the devil has sent a young boy to steal treasure on his behalf from the actual heir to the fortune – another boy. These two boys are located in London; the boy in the white mansion appears in this vision as one of the pair. The Mejai must decide who is the imposter and who is the rightful owner of the treasure. Will he make the right decision and save the correct boy – our protagonist, who wishes to eradicate poverty and help those involved in this unsavoury war?


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