In The Feudal Spirit


  • Author Name: Taz Shakir
  • Publication Date: 28/08/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781910878026

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Revolving around a singular household in Bombay, with each chapter devoted to a single character working in the household, this character-driven novel brings the reader on a journey through the different settings and rich history of Bombay. It explores the shocking Hindu-Muslim riots, the glamorous Bollywood film industry, a matriarchal harem, Bombay’s dark underworld, the municipal elections, ex-royal families, and close temple communities, with Bombay’s high-society absorbing it all.

From Amina, the children’s nanny; Nazeer, a handsome young man who comes to Bombay in the hope of becoming a movie her; Abdul, with his ambivalent sexuality; Drumstick Mary, who is admitted to the hospital where the narrator works as a medical student; Suman, who is trying to escape a rough and violent life in the slums; and Bansi who guides the older two siblings as they fall in love with people across the Hindu-Muslim divide, the many characters provide a vibrant tapestry of stories exploring Indian life at the turn of the century.


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