Vladimir’s Diary


  • Publication Date: 28/08/2019
  • Author Name: Martin M McShane
  • Format: Paperback

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With the Nazis finally defeated the world heaves a sigh and takes its first breath of freedom in over five years. Seizing his opportunity, Stalin turns on his Allies and orders his Red Army to invade Europe. Country after country falls to the mighty forces of the Soviet Union while America’s attempts to find a diplomatic solution leave behind bleak consequences for the peoples of the conquered nations.

Now at the beginning of the 21st century, the super-sized Soviet Union is falling apart, creating much unrest among its two billion inhabitants. The economy crashes, causing the Red state to slip back toward the dark ages. To restore order, the Central Committee bring Terror to all the peoples of the Soviet Union.

An unlikely group of young freedom fighters risk everything to save their beloved country. But can they succeed when personal ambition, lust for power and greed take hold over ideals and serving the greater good?

Martin M. McShane lives in Wembley, London. Before his career in international finance, he lived and worked in New Zealand and Australia. While working for the Royal Australian Navy he was in charge of secure communications for warships at anchor in Sydney harbour. When he returned to the UK, he got a job with a firm in the City dealing in international asset management. He now works as a programme manager, specialising in new country entry for business development.

Martin says, “I wrote this story to explore what probably would’ve happened had Stalin held his nerve at Potsdam in 1945 and invaded Europe. It was only for the fact that President Truman revealed to Stalin the existence of the atom bomb during the Potsdam Peace Conference that stopped him from carrying out his plan.”


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