The Next Who Dies


  • Author Name: John Scurr
  • Publication Date: 28/03/2015
  • Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781846248313

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In 1885 two young privates – Mathew Studd and Ben Gresham – are taking part in the tardy attempt to rescue the beleaguered Major-General Gordon in Khartoum. Over the few months since they have enlisted the young men have become fast friends and now, as they journey by camel across the desert, they open up to one another about their chequered pasts. Gresham even shows Studd his greatest treasure – a photograph of his fiancée Martha, a beautiful woman with a captivating smile. Little does Gresham know he has just committed the most fateful act of his career.

In this gripping, tightly wrought novella, John Scurr once again gives a powerful fictional portrayal of a famous military engagement and of the soldiers whose lives are irrevocably changed by it. From the blazing deserts of the Sudan to the night-time streets of Victorian London, The Next Who Dies will keep you hooked until its devastating and shocking conclusion.


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