Serenity Song


  • Author Name: Finn Dervan
  • Publication Date: 28/06/2019
  • Format: Paperback
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Ireland, 1921

A policeman assassinated.

A secret buried.

Against the backdrop of vicious guerrilla war, where good men become murderers and bad men become something altogether worse, family ties count for nothing in the blood-soaked fields of County Offaly.

Now, a century later, James Lucas must decide how far he will go to reveal the truth.

“From rural Ireland to the mean streets of modern-day Glasgow, memory, history and sectarianism are explored in this gripping and accomplished thriller. A remarkable debut.” – Owen Gibson, The Guardian

Finn Dervan was born in London but grew up in the northeast of England. After completing a degree in History at the University of Leeds, he found it impossible to leave ‘God’s Own Country’ and settled in Yorkshire. Years of teaching Irish History to sixth form students spurred him to explore his own Anglo-Irish heritage. What he discovered posed uncomfortable questions about nationalism, religion and cultural identity. In coming to terms with these fundamental contradictions, Serenity Song was conceived: what began as a personal investigation into his own past soon transformed into a nail-biting thriller that is especially pertinent in the current climate of resurgent extremism and confusion over the Irish border.

Finn lives in York, but spends as much time as he can on the West Coast of Ireland where he feels morally obliged to drink too much and tell stories into the early hours. His Irish family are glad that he is based in York.


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