The Indomitable Chiesa di Santa Maria


  • Author Name: Daniel Peltz
  • Publication Date: 28/10/17
  • Format: Paperback

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This historical novel is focussed around a church located in Florence, and what happens to it through different periods of history. The story starts in the present day, with a tour guide taking a family around a museum that originally was the church. The tour guide, Molly Cavendish is the present day link, and as the story changes from the past to the present day, she asks the questions as well as proving the answers to what happened to the “Chiesa di Santa Maria” during its history. The museum houses the finest Renaissance fresco by Masaccio.

Daniel Peltz shares the story of the construction of the church during the early 15th Century. This is a tragic story of one man’s quest using the brightest and the best talent in Florence of that age. Through time we see the trials and tribulations of the church dating through the Napoleonic War, World War Two and the Florentine Floods of 1966; and the end of the story is based in the present day.

Author Daniel Peltz lives in London and is CEO of London Freeholds Ltd. He is an Honorary Fellow of King’s College and Birkbeck College and sits on King’s Campaign Board and on the Estate Committee for both colleges. He is Chairman of Technion UK and Treasurer of The Anna Freud Centre. Daniel is a Trustee of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies at Oxford University, The City of London School Bursary Trust, The Institute of Jewish Studies at UCL, and Childhood First. He is a panellist on the Education Panel of the Wolfson Foundation, and sits on the Finance and Estates Committees of the MCC. In 2015, Daniel was awarded the OBE for Philanthropic and Charitable services.


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