Goodbye Lily

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  • Author Name: Carole Patti Clarke
  • Publication Date: 29/06/2010
  • Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781846244322

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As Lorne says her last goodbye to her beloved sister Lily, she wants only to close herself off from the world with her precious memories. But her Uncle Dennis, attending Lily’s funeral, takes on the role of comforter, and uncle and niece begin to open their hearts and share their memories of Lily and their own early lives.

To Lorne, Lily was her best friend and protector from their cruel mother, Jenny, Dennis’s half-sister. But to Dennis, Lily was his precious first niece, born in Calcutta when he was a teenager, then whisked away to England where Jenny and her young Irish husband were to begin their married life. As the memories come flooding back, Dennis recalls his childhood with Jenny, their wayward mother and his stern father, and Lorne gains an insight into the patterns of behaviour in the family. From love to loss, Dennis reveals a wealth of touching, personal stories as the power of grief sparks a tender, atmospheric heart to heart from one generation to the next.

1 review for Goodbye Lily

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Book Guild

    (From Amazon): Although written last year, I intentionally didn’t read this book until I had a space in time with no demands, so that I could spend some time on consecutive days rather than picking it up only to lay it down again, when I knew that I wouldn’t want to leave the bubble that I always create for myself when enjoying a truly good read! After reading Ms Clarke’s first book (nominated for the Mind Book of the Year award)- ‘I Wish You Weren’t My Mummy’, I fully expected her latest book to capture my imagination and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I hesitate to call it a story as it has been written more in the style of memoirs in an almost biographical manner, and tells more than one ‘story’. The author moves expertly between both Lorne’s and her Uncle’s pasts and presents, while they are mourning the death of Lorne’s beloved sister Lily. It sounds dark and very sad and indeed there are moments when you fel the overwhelming grief felt by the two of them as her death has stirred different memories for each. However, those who have read Ms Clarke’s previous book and enjoyed the humour that came through even Lorne’s darkest moments as a child, will be relieved to know that she has not failed to reproduce this yet again. She has a particular talent for making the reader feel the emotions felt by the characters, particularly when describing Uncle’s life as a boy/young man in India. His memories of that time give an insight into Lorne’s own mother’s life and the circumstances that moulded her into the person she eventually became. Yet another excellent and riveting book from Ms Clarke that will make you want to savour every single page. If you haven’t yet read these two books – all I will say is treat yourself and enjoy!!

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