Finally Woken


  • Author Name: Dean Moynihan
  • Publication Date: 28/03/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912575985

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Max Hope wakes up in hospital to discover he is under arrest for murdering his wife and three teenage children; however, a severe head trauma has caused retrograde amnesia, wiping all memory of his adult life.

The murders were motiveless;
The police investigation has been botched;
Max’s lawyer is clueless!

While convalescing, Max pieces his memories back together with the help of a psychologist to find out why (and if) he committed the murders. In each session Max’s returning memories reveal his past in fragmented episodes, but the more he learns about himself, the less he likes.

His life as a seemingly affluent and successful family man begins to unravel into a story of failure, paranoia and lies.

Max Hope is finally woken.

Dean Moynihan was born and raised in Harrow. He attended Park High School, Middlesex, and Roehampton University. Dean currently lives in Stanmore, Middlesex and is a trained actor. He’s currently writing his third novel and his play, “Human Issue” has played in London and is due to tour in 2019. Dean is also developing a screenplay and this is his debut published novel.


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