Family Concerns: An Eccentric in Lucca Book 3


  • Author Name: Stuart Fifield
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2017
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781911320500

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In Family Concerns, the Contessa is preparing the Group for their next fund-raising concert. She is plagued equally by nostalgia and the irksome behavior of her vindictive dog and irascible maid, all the while beginning to feel her age. Fortunately, the concert is to be a joint one with Banda Inghiltalia, conducted by the very attractive Arthur Crowe.

The Contessa continues to spread her goodwill around Lucca. With the support of her son Luigi, she embarks on a project to extend the hospice premises, set up in memory of her former husband, the Count. She also finds time to adopt a young Scottish couple who have arrived in Lucca to set up shop and worry that the public won’t want to buy what they are offering.

Meanwhile, members of the group are in disarray; Ricardo Fossi sinks deeper into dealing on the wrong side of the law; Julietta Camore hits a mid-life crisis; Amilcare Luchetti’s wife has an unfortunate surprise for him; Renata di Seno has her nose put out of joint; Gregorio Marinetti continues to search for love; and Tito Viale is still looking after his brain-damaged wife.

Murders are happening all the time, and Inspector Conti, put on the case, is no closer to solving them…


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