The Rooks Die Screaming: An Inspector Edwards Mystery


  • Author Name: Clive Tuckett
  • Publication Date: 28/08/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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Cornwall 1921. Someone is murdering members of a mysterious and secret organisation called The Nest of Rooks with ruthless efficiency, and plunging the peaceful and idyllic town of Bodmin into a nightmare world of murder, intrigue and retribution.

Who is the old woman living deep within the forest, who paints strange images of Frobisher Hall, whilst mixing deadly poisons?

And who is the shadowy figure, hideously disfigured and with a malevolent and vengeful heart, who haunts the dreams of a beautiful woman?

A sinister letter, a dead body discovered on the Cornish Riviera Express and a terrible secret hidden deep within the walls of Frobisher Hall, forces Harry Frobisher and his bride into a desperate game of survival; as a past he thought buried forever, threatens to destroy the only thing he holds precious in his heart – the woman he loves…

After solving the mystery of the woman with the red hair, Inspector Edwards, himself tormented by his own tragic past, returns to Frobisher Hall to confront his most deadly adversary yet. And his only suspect? Harry Frobisher.

Clive Tuckett was raised in the Cornish town of Bodmin and fell in love with the landscape. He has spent the past 25 years working in banking and financial services and also holds a BA (Hons) in History. Before embarking on a career in the financial services, Clive served in the Royal Air Force as a policeman and spent the majority of his time guarding nuclear weapons during the Cold War. He now lives in Ringwood, Hants.


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