The Fourth Victim


  • Author Name: John Mead
  • Publication Date: 28/10/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912575367

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“The stillness of the supine figure drew Essey forward, dragging her trolley, off the path to look more closely. ‘Are you alright, dear?’ she began, but she could see something was wrong, the unblinking eyes told her so.”

Three parks, three deaths, four victims, two grieving families, one murder enquiry team and an unknown number of killers. Can an answer be found?

Whitechapel is being gentrified, the many green spaces of the area, which typify London as a capital city, give the illusion of peace, tranquillity and clean air but are also places to find drug dealers, sexual encounters and murder.

Detective Sergeant Julie Lukula doesn’t dislike Inspector Merry but he has hardly set the world of the Murder Investigation Team East alight. And, it looked as it the inspector was already putting the death of the young female jogger, found in the park with her head bashed in, down to a mugging ‘gone wrong’. 

The victim deserved more. But the inspector isn’t ruling anyone out; the evidence will, eventually, lead him to an answer…

John Mead was born in Dagenham and now lives in Hornchurch, Essex. John has a BSc (Hons), MBA and a PGCE and worked in education for most of his life. He is now retired and focusses his time on writing. John’s first crime thriller, The Hanging Women (ISBN 9781912362059) was published in February 2018.


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