Little White Lies

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  • Author Name: Ian McFadyen
  • Publication Date: 24/03/2015

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When Inspector Steve Carmichael and his family move from London to the village of Moulton Bank in rural Lancashire they all expect a quieter existence, both domestically and professionally. After a career in the Met, Steve doubts that his new post will present much of a challenge, but is pleased to escape the intrigues of his old force, and knows that the move will delight his wife Penny, who spent her childhood in Moulton Bank.

However, in a matter of days a woman is murdered in the village, and Steve finds himself in charge of an investigation that casts dark shadows into the village’s past.

As the case becomes increasingly complex and the Met begins to look like the quiet life, Steve finds himself drawn into intrigue, as his investigations begin to overlap with his family life in more ways than one.

4 reviews for Little White Lies

  1. Book Guild

    I’m not usually the murder mystery type but I thought I’d give it a go and I enjoyed it to be fair it definitely keeps you guessing and I found myself reading it a lot to try and get more clues to put the pieces together. a complex plot which I liked and I liked the way the main character was more about efficiency than keeping everyone happy. The only criticism I would have is that there is a lot of characters and I often forgot who was who and had to backtrack to remind myself. Ive given it a four star rating because I enjoyed the book and I’m now Intrigued and will take a look at the rest of the series.

  2. Book Guild

    Not having a good book to read is never a good thing. On a trip to a local book store I happened to see Ian McFadyen at a book signing. We started to discuss his books and the characters interested me. A couple of purchases were made and I looked forward to reading a new authors work. For a first novel I found the book a joy to read. The storyline flowed very well and it wasn’t something I wanted to put down. If you like a good detective thriller, then Ian McFadyen’s books are definitely for you.

  3. Book Guild

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when reading this debut novel by this new author, Ian McFadyen. It turned out to be a really pleasant surprise. It’s a fast paced murder mystery,set in present day Lancashire, that keeps you guessing right up to the end. Reading this book reminded me greatly of watching crime dramas like Midsomer Murders. This book would be suitable for people of all ages. Am really looking forward to the next book by this new exciting author!

  4. Book Guild

    Ian McFadyen realy makes his characters come alive. This was a great story with a really good twist at the end. I definitely recommend this to anyone who like me loves a good mystery.

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