Blood on his Hands


  • Author Name: Ian McFadyen
  • Publication Date: 28/11/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912881949

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Carmichael is summoned to his local church by the vicar, who reports a man who has just come into his church with blood on his hands and is claiming to have just murdered someone. By the time Carmichael arrives the man has disappeared, with few signs to identify who he was, where he came from and where he went…

When, the next day, a body is found in the boot of a Bentley Car hired from a known petty criminal, by a relatively unknown actor, Carmichael and his team quickly realise the events are related.

As the body count rises the links between the deaths are all too evident, but despite this Carmichael and his team remain confounded as to who is behind the murders and what motive they have for taking so many lives.

Ian McFadyen lives in Bishops Stortford, Herts and has published 7 books in the Carmichael series so far. McFadyen has built up a strong following and is particularly well supported by library borrowers – being positioned in the top 10% of most loaned authors in the last three years. Favourably mentioned alongside Wilkie Collins and Colin Dexter, McFadyen’s titles are all available in paperback and on kindle.

“The author demonstrated his mastery of the genre. With an array of captivating characters and a dexterous plot, Ian kept turning the pages and had me guessing, wrongly most of the time, right up to the bitter end.” – Praise for Ian’s previous work (Death in Winter)


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