The Two Week Wait


  • Author Name: Lucy J Lewis
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/01/2021

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ISBN: 9781913551438

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For the last two decades, Jane has been trying for a baby. She knows all about surviving the agonising two-week wait between ovulation and test. Increasingly desperate, Jane opens her laptop, clicks, ‘TWW Forum: New Thread’, and types. ‘Anyone else starting their two-week wait? Shall we wait it out together?’

Four women respond to Jane’s message online; all strangers, all embarking on the same emotional two-week journey. All wanting just one thing. A baby. 

This fast-paced, light-hearted read explores the heartache of infertility through the bittersweet stories of five women;

Mandi is young and eager. She needs all the help she can get. 

Becks already has one child and is stuck in the hellish limbo of secondary infertility. 

Instagram sensation, Star, is living and selling a false dream, online and off. 

Finally, feisty Fern is scheduling a pregnancy in between film shoots.  

Five women, five stories, waiting to find out if it’s their turn for a baby. Love, heartache, shattered dreams and broken relationships. The two-week wait pushes them all to their limits. 

Lucy J Lewis is a writer, mother and passionate supporter of women on their fertility journey. She is a Holistic Fertility Coach and Massage Therapist working alongside women to offer them therapies, support, motivation, inspiration and love. This is her first novel, based loosely on her own experiences. Lucy lives in Bromsgrove.


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