The Two Week Wait

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  • Author Name: Lucy J Lewis
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/01/2021

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For the last two decades, Jane has been trying for a baby. She knows all about surviving the agonising two-week wait between ovulation and test. Increasingly desperate, Jane opens her laptop, clicks, ‘TWW Forum: New Thread’, and types. ‘Anyone else starting their two-week wait? Shall we wait it out together?’

Four women respond to Jane’s message online; all strangers, all embarking on the same emotional two-week journey. All wanting just one thing. A baby. 

This fast-paced, light-hearted read explores the heartache of infertility through the bittersweet stories of five women;

Mandi is young and eager. She needs all the help she can get. 

Becks already has one child and is stuck in the hellish limbo of secondary infertility. 

Instagram sensation, Star, is living and selling a false dream, online and off. 

Finally, feisty Fern is scheduling a pregnancy in between film shoots.  

Five women, five stories, waiting to find out if it’s their turn for a baby. Love, heartache, shattered dreams and broken relationships. The two-week wait pushes them all to their limits. 

Lucy J Lewis is a writer, mother and passionate supporter of women on their fertility journey. She is a Holistic Fertility Coach and Massage Therapist working alongside women to offer them therapies, support, motivation, inspiration and love. This is her first novel, based loosely on her own experiences. Lucy lives in Bromsgrove.

3 reviews for The Two Week Wait

  1. Federica A.

    Five women, coming from very different backgrounds, meet on line in a forum chat during their two week wait, that is those 14 days of the month during which you don’t know whether you’ve conceived or not and you can only wait to test.
    I really liked the outline of the book, part prose, part forum posts, it made the reading very easy, entertaining and quick, even though a bit ripetitive.
    The theme of infertility is treated lightly, with a right amount of humour.
    It was good to follow these women, so different, in age, background and motivation, during their 14 days journey, getting to know each other and getting to understand each other’s motivation, doubts, hopes and struggles.
    I also liked the ending and would like to know, from someone who has read the book, who your guess is on in the last post 🙂

    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Shelley Stiff

    3.5 Stars

    Having never had fertility issues this book was an eye-opener to me. How agonizingly sad to have to go through this. I am one-hundred percent feminist and believe a woman doesn’t have to have children, or a man, to be complete…BUT if it is something you truly desire it must be devastatingly painful to have your heart broken month after month.

    This was an easy read, with simplified dialogue and multiple narrators. It is sort of an epistolary style book as a lot of it is simple chat-room dialogue and there are some journal entries as well. I don’t usually go for that but it worked here for some reason.

    While the overly-simple writing style drove me nuts at times, I did like the intent of the story. The somewhat contrived parts were too convenient but the overall theme was interesting and, in the end, hopeful.

  3. Megs

    This book was a pleasant read. The characters were a joy to get to know and understand. They are definitely relatable women and this book gives a great insight into what it’ll be like to go through the two week wait.

    My favourite part about this book is that all the characters are different. Jane has been trying for a baby for nearly 20 years, giving up after this try to move on with life and get a puppy. Becks is a mum of 1 who has a neglectful husband and wants desperately for her child to have a sibling. Ferne is a workaholic who isn’t even sure she wants a baby but wants one for her husband. Star is a social media influencer for positive thinking, the outdoors, and yoga. Finally, Mandi, a young twenty-year-old who is married to a much older man and an insufferable mother-in-law.

    This group of women are all different. Star is going to be a single mother, Becks already a mother, and Ferne is a hard-headed businesswoman. They are all different but at the end of the day, they all have the same goal, and no matter how much one may have compared to the other, the two week wait is something no one can avoid and everyone will have to go through together.

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