Mid-Life Crisis


  • Author Name: T. Jessop
  • Publication Date: 28/10/17
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912083862

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“The day began after being woken by the ever annoying sound of the alarm clock. Once showered and dressed I was sat at the kitchen table drinking my second cup of tea pondering the events of last night, a dark mood hanging over me as the morning brought the realisation of losing my best friend…”

 Mid-Life Crisis explores the year in the life of Debbie, a simple down to earth mum and housewife approaching forty, young at heart enough not to realise that the way she is feeling or why others grate on her could be the onset of a mid-life crisis. T. Jessop builds on the many aggravating incidents that occur in everyday life, knocking onto how every individual we encounter lives in some sort of warped reality.

Author T. Jessop lives in Suffolk and currently works in a children’s soft play centre. With a large interest in the human mind and human behaviour, T. Jessop loves to write with her great sense of humour and ferocious will. Mid-Life Crisis offers an honest and hilarious account of life as Debbie knows it, through the form of several diary entries over a year.


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