Fireworks to Thailand


  • Author Name: J. R. Bonham
  • Publication Date: 28/11/17
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912083459

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Fireworks to Thailand begins in England in the late 1960s- the years when there was a stigma attached to a girl if she was pregnant without being married. Jan, who, after finding herself pregnant by her boyfriend, Geoff, when she was 19, also found life to not be quite as she expected. Whilst all of her friends seemed to have ‘normal’ relationships and were happy, she was ever chasing a rainbow of happiness, which always seemed to elude her. Everything that she ever wanted was just out of her grasp.

Jan settled down to married life with her dominating, jealous, possessive and controlling husband with whom she found very little in common. However, she had to accept that was her ‘lot’. Her self-esteem was at rock bottom, but she strived to make the most of what she did have – two lovely children.

A chance meeting on holiday, many years later, she met a man, Mike, who seemed to be able to offer her everything to which she had always aspired – Mike was kind, gentle, generous and romantic. But a tragic twist was waiting around the corner…

Author J. R. Bonham lives in Cranleigh, Surrey and is now retired. J. R. Bonham is thrilled to release her debut novel. Fireworks to Thailand is inspired by a true story.


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