An Andalusian Murder Mystery


  • Author Name: Peter Peeters
  • Publication Date: 28/01/18
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912083299

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“You want us to go to southern Spain! exclaimed Julie. ‘You’re not expecting me to lie on a beach with hundreds of tourists and enjoy it, are you?’ Julie was not very tall, but when she objected strongly to something, as she just did now, she seemed to grow in size. ‘No, no! We’re going to a quiet village island, it will be the most peaceful holiday you’ve ever had’, promised Charles. ‘Believe me’.”

Spring 1995. When Julie and Charles arrive in Frigiliana, a picturesque village in southern Andalusia where they are going to spend their holiday, they are looking forward to a quiet and peaceful stay because “nothing ever happens here”. To their surprise, they find themselves embroiled in the middle of intrigue, murder and a ‘curse’.

Author Peter Peeters lives in Belgium. After completing his PhD in Physics he worked at the Energy Laboratory and later at Brussels University, specializing in high energy physics while collaborating with the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Peter has travelled the world and spends a lot of time in Frigiliana which is known to be one of the prettiest white villages in Andalusia. Peter has written several non-fiction titles concerned with the future of the planet as well as publishing a story about his travels.


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