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  • Author Name: Ri Adam
  • Publication Date: 28/03/18
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912362219

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On taking up her new job as Promotions’ Director at Lochdarnock House, Jenny Munroe unveils a portrait of Lady Isabelle Lochdarnock and finds that she bears a striking resemblance to the Lochdarnock family – even though she knows of no direct link with them other than that a great, great aunt was a servant at the house at the beginning of the 20th century.

She and two others, a retired history teacher who volunteers at the house and an American who has connections with the story of the Lochdarnocks, Jenny’s family (the Cassidys) and the Shipping Industrialists (the Ewarts – who are connected to the Lochdarnocks socially and eventually romantically), pursue the matter and investigate the variety of links each has with the house and the family.

The history of relationships between the Lochdarnocks, Jenny’s family – The Cassidys and Shipping Owners – The Ewarts – are discovered. Set against the backdrop of the First World War, evidence of more than one romance is revealed and revelations about the workings of each family come to light. Jenny’s heritage is explored through investigations that the modern day trio make.

Author Ri Adam lives in Richmond and has written and performed a number of plays and sketches, including performing at venues as part of the 2012 London Olympics.

3 reviews for Lochdarnock

  1. Maggie

    I have just finished reading lochdarnock and enjoyed the book very much. I am looking forward to further novels by Ri Adam. Much research has gone into this novel the 2world wars, Scottish gentry, and life in Glasgow plus so much more to keep the reader enthralled.

  2. Anne

    What a fantastic read Lochdarnock is. I really enjoyed the writing style of Ri Adam’s first novel. The characters and settings were vivid and once I started reading the book I didn’t want to put it down. Congratulations Ri, and look forward to any future books you write.

  3. Bellamy

    A real family saga that keeps you guessing right until the end. I can’t wait to go to Pollok House Glasgow to ‘see’ Lochdarnock!! One question – when’s the next one due?!! I need to know!

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