Grace and Disgrace

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  • Author Name: Susi Osbourne
  • Publication Date: 26/08/2010
  • Format: Paperback

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Grace lives at the centre of a chaotic but happy family, who are her whole world. She has two teenagers, Zak and Cleo, from her first marriage to Richard, and a precocious three-year-old, Izzy. Gran, who is in the early stages of dementia, also lives with them; and then there is Alfie, a loveable but incontinent dog. Grace cares for them all, nurtured by the love and stability given by her second husband, Charlie. But sometimes she feels she would like to escape to a more exciting life?

Then a letter from her long-lost sister turns Grace’s life upside down. An emotional meeting leads to shocking revelations. Now Grace knows why Gran turned Anna out of her house, aged just 16.

Charlie’s jealousy of Grace?s first husband Richard rears its head, and Grace feels jealousies and concerns of her own as new relationships are formed and old ones reassessed. Emotions are running higher than ever, but does this family have the strength to pull through?

3 reviews for Grace and Disgrace

  1. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): After awaiting for Susi Osborne’s second book I was not disappointed, infact I was hooked!! Read the book in 12hours, literally could not put it down! Fantastic story with amazing twists and turns that made me gasp out loud! Definitely worth a read!!!

  2. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): Susi’s second book is certainly one not to be missed. She takes you on a roller coaster journey through the lives of two sisters & their loves ones and you can not help but be drawn into their world. I was soon totally immersed in this book and the household chores were put to one side as I got swept away with the story. If you enjoyed Susi’s first book, Ripples of Life, you will not be disappointed with Grace & Disgrace.

  3. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): Another superb book from Suzie. A lot to make you laugh and a little to make you cry. Awaiting the next book with anticipation.

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