A Corner of My Heart


  • Author Name: Mark Seaman
  • Publication Date: 28/11/17
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912083091

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Mary was just seven-weeks-old when she was adopted by James and Carol Rowland following her birth in 1949 in the grim and austere surroundings of a home for young unmarried mothers which was governed by Nuns. Mary grew up living happily within the Rowland family home, accepting that she had been adopted and never seeking to know more about the full circumstances surrounding her being given away by her birth mother, Ruth. Now twenty-eight years on and as a single mother raising a daughter of her own, Mary begins to question those long forgotten and still unresolved questions about her own birth, her mother, and as to why she was abandoned at such a young age.

The appalling detail of violence and abuse experienced by Ruth throughout her early life as a young Jewish girl transported to the death camp at Birkenau, and again she struggled to make a life for herself after the war – coupled with the shocking detail of her pregnancy will dramatically challenge and change the two women’s lives forever.

Author Mark Seaman lives in Gloucestershire and focusses on his love of drama, writing and acting. Mark has had a number of his scripts for one act and full length plays published, including two Pantomimes which are performed on a regular basis, and has also gained some acting roles in a variety of productions on stage, TV and in film. Mark’s latest role was as Sir John Tressida in the first series of the BBC production of Poldark. Prior to this, Mark worked in broadcasting for TV and radio for 30+ years, both as a presenter and producer, and to board level in senior management.


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