What’s THAT Doing There? A Garfy Book


  • Author Name: Cate Caruth, David Willers
  • Publication Date: 28/02/2019
  • Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9781912575749

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This collection of short stories features the fictionalised adventures of the real Garfield, Ely’s most famous cat!

Garfy, full name Garfield Abercrombie Reginald Fergusson, is an elegant ginger tom with a white bib and socks. He lives in a flat in Ely. Opposite his home is a large meadow in which Garfy loves to roam. Then, one day, someone puts up fences and builds a Paterson’s Superstore on Garfy’s meadow.

Having initially tried to sabotage the building works, Garfy decides to adopt the supermarket as his home-from-home. He makes a guest appearance at the grand opening of the store and is their first customer. He rapidly becomes a celebrity cat despite the resistance of the store manager.

David Willers is the owner of the real Garfy. He runs Garfy’s Facebook page (with a following of over 5000) and has chronicled the cat’s adventures there. He lives in Ely and manages all of the real Garfy’s media affairs. Due to Garfy’s notoriety, David has good connections with the team at Ely Sainsbury’s and also with the local division of Cats Protection (Garfy makes regular appearances for them and is the ‘pin-up’). Local shoppers keep their eyes peeled for Garfy – he has his own seat at the petrol station and is often to be found on the sofa at the Virgin Travel shop (below Sainsbury’s). Virgin Travel staff members claim that people will ring ahead to see if Garfy is there before they come in to book a holiday. This summer will see a portrait of him hung at Ely Station. He’s featured regularly in the local press and is well-loved in the area.

Cate Caruth is a writer from Bury St Edmunds and has co-written the book with David. She has published her own fiction books and writes bespoke children’s books for charity. She runs her own content solutions business, Creative Worlds, helping businesses ‘translate their materials into content gold’. Her client list includes the world-renowned life coach, Pete Cohen, and multiple Tedx presenter Patti Dobrowolski.


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