Legend of the Lost

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  • Author Name: Ian P Buckingham
  • Publication Date: 28/08/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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The Legend of the Lost is the first in the magical adventure series about the Savage family and their struggle to re-connect after being torn apart under mysteriously tragic circumstances. The tale begins with two sisters, Holly and Lucy, on a tranquil family holiday at Mermaid Cottage nestled in an idyllic Cornish fishing village. But the chance discovery of a magical Moonstone leads to encounters with enchanted friends and mortal enemies and they soon discover that their past and indeed their very family is not what they had come to believe. The family members and their friends suddenly find themselves drawn on a challenging heroic journey that takes them from the coast through the mighty Ashridge Forest and concludes with an epic battle at the former castle of the Black Prince. During their adventure, the children uncover unique powers, qualities, alter egos and magical artifacts that not only help them solve the mystery of their family’s past but transport them into a world where fairy-folk,humans, changelings and other enchanted creatures overlap. Yet with each new discovery comes a fresh challenge and they soon find themselves at the center of a greater war with dark forces. This threatens to throw the magical world into a terrible conflict with the natural kingdom and humans that will shape their individual destinies and decide the future of their unique family.

Ian P Buckingham lives in Nottingham, UK, (a place famous for its own mythical past) and is a widely published author across a range of genres. Winner of various creative writing prizes throughout his education in Africa and England, he has a BA (Hons) and MA from the University of Leeds where he also specialised in children’s literature. He has edited various publications including poetry and creative writing magazines and has written, produced and directed plays. Ian is a proud father of two daughters (who helped a lot with this series) and when not writing is a well known management consultant and MBA lecturer. He is also a great believer in gender equality at work and at home and is a passionate campaigner for shared parenting rights and responsibilities.

14 reviews for Legend of the Lost

  1. Wayne Newton

    I was honoured to be asked to be one of a select few readers asked to review a pre-publication version of this fresh children’s book by a writer I admire.

    Really pleased as I feel I’ve had a rare peek into something special.

    It is an epic adventure that has both a classic and contemporary feel to it. Packed full of engaging characters and straddles the everyday and mythical worlds using a very clever device, human children as “changelings” with special powers gleaned from magical items and….their family genes.

    Werebeasts, fairies, nymphs, pirates, wiccans, talking animals…..what more do you need?

    It is beautifully set in Cornwall and Hertfordshire and is packed full of very-varied action. Also has some terrific, pretty nasty villains as every great children’s book needs.

    Has echoes of the heroic journey narrative of Lewis, Rowling and even Blyton in places but without being derivative.

    It is a really cleverly conceived page turner and my daughter (age 9) devoured it in a couple of days and has been bugging me about the sequel (I believe it’s a trilogy and the story line and depth of characterisation certainly lends itself to more, more, more). Would actually make a great film…

    Gets my top recommendation and will be a fabulous Summer read on the beach or wrapped up in front of a blazing fire.

    A writer who clearly knows his stuff.

    My daughter’s favourite moment:

    “The battle of Berkhamsted castle and the huge surprise when************”

  2. JB

    Call me soppy if you will, but I bought this for my nephew who I don’t see as much as I should as we live quite a long way apart now.
    He used to hang with me a fair amount and I used to read the Enchanted Wood series and Narnia books to him and we used to watch the films (don’t tell his mum) as well as the odd Harry Potter.
    It sounded like his kind of thing with all the magical creatures and although it clearly appeals to both genders given the protagonists are sisters, there is plenty of action to keep most kids completely engaged.
    We know some of the locations and it’s great to read a book with recognisable landmarks, even though it’s a fantasy.
    Although I read it first he devoured it as soon as it came and has asked for the sequel, which has to be a real positive.
    It’s a fast-paced but touching tale, highly recommended and have to say, has us guessing about the follow up.

    Just a bit sad we didn’t read this one together and I hope the next one comes out before he grows up and heads off on his own adventure.

    Thanks for the hand-written dedication, Ian.

    It means a lot to us both.


  3. Juliet L

    Refreshing, exciting and uplifting.

    Bought it out of curiosity as had been reading a bunch of management books for a course and was interested in what he had to say in his books on brand about the use of journeys and narrative and saw he had just written a book for children too.

    Passed between all of us while on a week away and everyone liked it for different reasons, the kids for the relatable characters and pace (it tells several stories as part of one journey and introduces a lot of exciting content in a short time), the adults because of a nostalgic feel that’s modern but also classical (there are echoes of Rowling and Blyton, especially given the very English setting and locations).

    Highly recommended for kids of all ages…..we’ve just bought soft copies on Kindle too!

  4. James Bell

    Had heard about this on social media and I’d read Ian’s business book so was interested to see the comparison.
    We took it on holiday with us last week and it kept our youngest occupied for a good few hours….then, despite claiming to be too old, her brother had a read and begrudgingly said he enjoyed it too.
    I picked it up when they were busy and found it a really enjoyable, escapist read, a bit like the Potter books were/are. I can see what the fuss has been about as, while it’s classic, it’s a sweet but clever tale and the characters are relatable, story compelling and the family theme is very current, despite having a historic setting at times. Loved the Cornish references, an area the writer clearly likes a great deal, as do we.
    For all those reasons and more, comes highly recommended from our family!

  5. Richard Skelley

    Spent a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday reading this book which is a little gem. The author skillfully weaves a heartwarming story about a loving family torn apart centuries ago in tragic circumstances before finally discovering their true selves and each other again. All this happens against a backdrop of terrifying magical events involving fairies, gypsy pirates, witches and an army of foul creatures. A great part of the enjoyment is the fact that the story is set in Cornwall and Hertfordshire, locations known well to the author and his love of these areas shines through as he describes them in vivid detail. The first in a trilogy and I’m looking forward to the next instalment so hopefully Mr Buckingham won’t keep us waiting too long.

  6. FC

    What a fabulous book! One of the best I have read for a very long time. This should be in every school library. The last time I had this feeling about a book it was after reading the first Harry Potter. Truly a magical masterpiece and you will not be able to put it down. Highly recommend to all. Utterly brilliant. Can’t wait for the next in the trilogy.

  7. Jane Cathrall

    A thoroughly enjoyable read, for children and adults alike. As a grown up (most of the time) it brought back the escapism and fantasy of Enid Blyton and CS Lewis – even better as it’s set in the familiar yet fantastic settings of Cornwall and Ashridge. Can’t wait for the rest of the books in the trilogy. Get it onto your Christmas wish list!

  8. Amazon Customer

    What a fantastic book. It is so beautifully written each page has had us wanting to know more. Even with places mentioned that we know so well it takes you to somewhere special and makes those places magical. Our next visit to Ashridge will we spent hunting for that magic. A great book to share that’s takes you on many adventures. I couldn’t recommend it enough. We can’t wait for the next one in the series.

  9. Linda Leahey

    I bought this book for 2 sets of grandchildren but of course “nana” had to read it first!
    As someone who read the original Enid Blyton books as a child and enjoys gothic/supernatural novels as an adult I was in my element as this book combines the two of those elements.
    I was transported back to my inner child and immersed myself in the tale of Holly and Alice, in fact I walked up to my local beach in search of a moonstone, well, you never know!
    This is a magical book that holds your interest from the first page to the last, it also has a subtle but meaningful message, family is everything, love is everything and good can overcome evil.
    My grandchildren are in for a treat!!!!!

  10. Sarah Squires

    Was reading this with my son and he kept asking for more and more. I was really surprised as he’s not been like that before. Legend of the Lost is an outstanding book. It is enchanting, compelling and captivating.

  11. A&L&B

    Loved this Magical Journey
    It’s Enid Blyton’s 50th anniversary and she loved the Devon and Cornwall coast where we live. There’s a lot about this book reminiscent of her style, it has a similar innocence and freshness. But it’s also deeper and more complex and, of course, Blyton never had to focus on environmental issues a theme clever woven into the narrative.
    This book grips you (and your sons, in my case) from the first page and I struggled to get them to give up and go to sleep (the sign of a good book in our household).
    I now follow the social media sites inked to the book as am keen to find out when the next comes out. Only hope my two haven’t abandoned their books for tech by then. Although books like this are what imaginations are for.

  12. J Swansborough

    Bought this exciting sounding novel for a friend’s son. He is into his adventure fiction and it seemed to have all the right ingredients. As many of us do, if we’re honest, I couldn’t resist a read during my commute. Was quickly swept into the charming storyline and caught up in the many richly varied characters and tempo and before I knew it was checking for when the sequel arrives. Cleverly conceived and well balanced with everyday heroes of both genders and a plot line ripe for our times but with a classical feel, it ‘s both familiar and refreshing. Have now ordered copies as Christmas and birthday gifts for friends and family. Quite the gem of a find and from an independent publisher to boot.

  13. MFC

    We read a lot and this was the best book my fiance and I have read all year for the quality of the writing, pace of the story and characters…..and we were supposed to have bought it for the grandchildren. Should be a copy in every school library and some important messages to boot, as all the best books in the genre have.

  14. Joe Schott

    Life Lessons in a Famtasy World

    “Legend of the Lost” focuses on a world of fairies, nymphs, witches and were-beasts which discreetly exists alongside our own. It begins by the Atlantic, in west Cornwall, as a young girl meets a mermaid and quickly realises that she is deeply connected to this parallel realm. Gradually the story moves inland, primarily to English woodland, as it builds into a traditional climax of good versus evil… but with an insightful deeper message.

    I thought the interactions weaving between the supernatural, natural and human worlds were well done and the sea and forest locations beautifully captured, leaving my mind full of blues and greens. The fact that the locations are real made this super-natural world all the more touchable, anyone who has strayed into woodland as dusk falls will know the feeling. And I loved the fact that the animals I see in the wild in my real life – foxes, kites, deer – mix freely here with rather more mystical creatures.

    There are strong environmental themes: man has polluted his world and it is this poison which has led nature and super-nature to turn bad. Nobody and nothing – it turns out – is entirely good or bad, and even those who are more the latter may be so for good reason, even deserving of sympathy.

    This is a story for older children and younger adults: yes definitely for girls, but I hope also for boys with the gifts of openness and imagination, and meanwhile there are plenty of monsters, beasts and battles to get stuck into alongside the whimsy. In fact, “Legend of the Lost” is also an enjoyable read for adults who have retained their sense of wonder, but they probably won’t be the primary readership.

    Overall, beautiful writing, natural settings, clever interactions between the real and the fantastical, some great environmental themes and that good ol’ “good versus evil” climax, but where the line between the two lies is rather less clear than may first appear. Apparently this is the first in a trilogy, and there is an accompanying interactive website for those who get immersed. Many will.

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