GoldenEars: The Whispering Mountain


  • Author Name: Jane H Wood
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2019

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ISBN: 9781912881031

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In Canada’s western forests, Mira, a grey wolf lay deep inside her den nuzzling her four newly born pups tenderly. The weeks pass, and with the unusual appearance of two of her offspring growing more pronounced, the pack’s behaviour changes and sly looks linger on her family. A strangeness hangs in the air compounding the onlookers’ superstitions as fear turns to aggression, forcing Joel, the alpha male, to assert his dominance and defend his family.

Edmund Rainer is on vacation with his dad in the forest. A simple cabin was their home. One day he discovers the unconscious little body of a wolf pup. He carries him back to the cabin. The pup’s beautiful yellow ears fascinate him, and a friendship blossoms between them. A devastating storm propels them both on an extraordinary journey, where hidden dangers lurk in the forest. Unwittingly, Edmund becomes embroiled in the treachery revolving around the young pup and his family. And as a sequence of events unfold his life becomes increasingly under threat as he tries to protect GoldenEars from harm.

He meets the Forest Rangers, and later is told about the shameful truth behind the dwindling numbers of wolves living in the wilderness. The mood darkens when a disturbance within their Wildlife Reserve is reported. The Rangers and Edmund hurry to investigate. The discovery sickens them. Anxieties reach fever pitch as a crazed mob prepare for a pitiless hunt for the wolves. The Rangers race ahead of them. But GoldenEars has vanished! Edmund’s heart aches for the safety of his beloved wolf. Then miraculously he’s there! The encounter leaves him dumbfounded and more confused than ever, shattering all his hopes and dreams. Was his mind playing tricks? What was he to believe? And where could he possibly go from here?

Jane H Wood was born in Bristol but spent her early years in Colchester. She moved to Worthing, West Sussex with her husband and two sons in 1978. Jane is now retired but had a colourful career in the fashion industry, starting out as a boutique employee and ending as a senior window display designer. During the past few years Jane has written several short stories for children and has also illustrated two of them. Like everything she does, Jane is self-taught and enjoys working on drawing and painting projects – her current project involves wolves. This is the first book in a planned series.


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