A Fortune for My Lady


  • Author Name: John Scurr
  • Publication Date: 24/02/2011
  • Format: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781846245350

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A Fortune for My Lady is a sequel to John Scurr’s swashbuckling adventure, A Pirate for Harriet, and finds the romantic and unlikely hero of that tale, former naval officer Nathaniel Devarre, helplessly, but not altogether hopelessly, in love with Lady Corinne Malvor. They appear to have a convenient arrangement for the satisfaction of the carnal desires, at least, of both parties.

However, when Devarre proposes marriage, her ladyship deftly explains that, while she is very fond of him, her position requires that she secure a wealthy husband. In order to acquire the wealth which might turn him into a successful suitor, our hero returns to the Spanish Main and once more assumes the role of a buccaneer in search of gold. Here he is reunited with some of his former associates, including the voluptuous and redoubtable Nancy, and, after much hardship and many a hair-raising escapade, returns to England with a fortune, eager to claim Corinne for his bride.

But this is not the end of the story. Fate has many surprises in store for the love-lorn Devarre before he achieves, if not happiness, a degree of wisdom and tranquillity.

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