The Mole Man Part 2: Captured


  • Author Name: Gerry Rose
  • Publication Date: 30/04/2016
  • Format: Hardback

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The Honourable Lancelot Stevenson OBE, mayor of the proud and happy village of Umbridge, is a worried man. Even as the people of Umbridge celebrate their success as Best Village in Bloom, a dark mystery remains unsolved.

One boy missing and never seen again. Another boy lost and found again. An unsettling story of giant creatures living underground just outside the village. And who – or what – is the ‘Mole Man’?

The Honourable Lancelot Stevenson OBE is determined to solve the puzzle. Young Benjamin Crew and his clever friend Paula Gladstone are also on the case. Billy Giles and Dave Durley are up to no good in the woods at night. What will they find?



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