Ozzy & Izzy The Ospreys

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  • Author Name: Paul Gaunt
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 28/06/2018

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ISBN: 9781912362707

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Ozzy and Izzy the Ospreys is an illustrated wildlife adventure for children and young adults. It follows the journey of Ozzy who migrates between Rutland Water in Leicestershire, England and Senegal on the west coast of Africa. Through his eyes, we follow him as he flys 3,000 miles from West Africa, then over the perilous Sahara Desert and on to Gibraltar, through Spain to France, north again over the English Channel and then in to southern England. After his migration, Ozzy arrives at Rutland Water and hunts for a female mate.

Izzy, a female osprey, is settled at Rutland Water and discovers Ozzy after she watches him catch a fish in the lake. The two ospreys enjoy a wonderful courtship dance and the two of them continue their adventure into parenthood together.

Author Paul Gaunt lives in Leicestershire and spent his early years as a child walking and watching wildlife. Having reclaimed an old canoe he would spend most weekends on the grand union canal at Glen Parva, where he lived with his mum, dad, and siblings. Right from this early days, Paul had a mind that he would write about his wildlife experiences. Losing his father in 1976, Paul would write about his father’s charmed life during the Second World War in the Royal Air Force voluntary reserve. So after many years researching and writing shadows of the past, Paul turned to writing about his love of wildlife. Ozzy and Izzy the Ospreys is the first of many short stories that Paul has written based on his experiences of his walks.

Illustrator Matija Sandrić loves to observe nature and wildlife, just like Paul, and this has inspired him to draw and create. To progress his drawing skills, he enrolled in the School of Applied Art and Design in Pula, Croatia. After meeting Paul on holiday he was offered the chance to illustrate this book.


2 reviews for Ozzy & Izzy The Ospreys

  1. Mrs C Kilby

    Excellent book. Not just for 7 to 11 year olds, but also for adults in my opinion. I am a senior citizen and enjoyed this entertaining, informative, educational book with beautiful illustrations and would
    recommend it to everyone.

  2. Helen Linden

    It’s amazing the life Ospreys lead, wonderful illustrations. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

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