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  • Author Name: Christopher Best
  • Publication Date: 28/01/18
  • Format: Paperback

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Dreamcats follows the adventures of two siblings, Elsa and David, who are locked in a dream in which the ‘people’ are large English-speaking cats who live in a town called Felinestow. These cats regard human children either as potential pets or food. Elsa and David find themselves incapable of normal speech but are instead able to communicate to each other via meows, which are unintelligible to the cats!

The siblings arrive in Felinestow and are suddenly captured and held in an animal compound. Here they learn that Felinestow’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Humans is rounding up stray children for slaughter. However, a benign police cat, George, takes them into his care as pets. At George’s home, the children meet Bozo, George’s cockney dog companion, who the children discover eats human chops. Elsa starts to plot their escape but the Siamese cats, from across the border, declare war on Felinestow’s and the children find themselves caught up in the struggle.

Elsa and David are thrown into a race against time. There is so much happening in Felinestow – including upheaval and terror caused by Mayor Claptrap and his cat paramilitaries, and the children’s discovery that their cousins are also in the dream – and that though Elsa and David are constantly trying to work out whether events are real or a dream, they can’t help being swept up in the chaos and turmoil.

Author Christopher Best lives in Hertfordshire and based the characters in the story around his young grandchildren who he has dedicated the book to.

7 reviews for Dreamcats

  1. Paul Bawcutt

    Pacy,amusing,witty,frightening and thoughtful.
    Based on a land where cats dominate and use dogs as slaves and children as pets or candidates for the slaughterhouse.
    The cat characters are well drawn and convincing.Good,courageous and empathetic. Bad ,dictatorial and selfish.
    There are some good jokes and adapted references to well known aphorisms.
    Highly recommend for the age group and those who read to them.

  2. The Artist

    This book follows an original and thought provoking theme. The author sets the mind working by introducing a story line within a dream setting. It will fascinate older children (and grown ups too!) and keep their attention to the end. I have not discovered any other works by this author but he has left the ending open so I guess there could be a sequel. I do hope so.

  3. Pablo

    What an imaginative story. A land controlled by cats,some good and courageous,some bad and dictatorial; who subjugate dogs as their slaves and treat children as pets or candidates for the slaughterhouse. The pacy narrative involves war,politics and a desparate and exciting race,by the four children who find themselves in Felinestow,to escape. My grandchildren loved it and so did I. The author also entertains the older reader by incorporating witty aphorisms within an historical context relevant to the storyline. There are some good jokes ‘ a tailectomy for a cat who wants to be Manx’ Recommended for the suggested age group and for Grandpa too !

  4. Devira

    This was an unexpected bedtime hit for my two at story-time. An imaginative world that sparked lots of questions and pondering, and some conversations about some surprisingly ‘deep’ stuff! Also some great twists to the story, and some funny bits too – well worth a read. Probably also of interest to big kids (*adults*), who might appreciate some of the deeper content.

  5. Christine

    This book was a huge hit with my two grandchildren. Although they are capable to reading the book themselves, I thought it would be a great opportunity for some nana and grandchildren time so read it to them each evening on holiday. They loved the story, as did I. It was witty and exciting and it was hard to drag myself away each evening after reading a few chapters to them. My grandchildren were inquisitive and intrigued by the story. A great read for both children and grown ups.

  6. Arthur Walton

    Thoroughly enjoyable and surely intriguing for the younger reader who’s imagination cannot help but be drawn in by the enthralling and fascinating story.line. Lots to encourage and indulge the younger mind apart from us oldies !

  7. Arthur walton

    Definitely thought provoking and you cannot help but be drawn in by the intriguing story line. Youngsters will surely be enthralled and as an oldie I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey – lets hope for more.

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