Billy Stink’s Incredible Circus


  • Publication Date: 28/06/2019
  • Format: Paperback
  • Author Name: Rik Arron

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ISBN: 9781912881284

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When circus leader Billy Stink stumbles across a young runaway boy, Titch, in the forest, Billy takes him in and helps him back to life, welcoming him into his extended circus family and offering him an opportunity to earn his keep doing essential jobs.

When Titch discovers he has hidden talents as an entertainer, Billy introduces him as an act into the show. Through hard work and total dedication Titch becomes a sensation, stealing the show and grabbing the headlines to the delight of everyone in the circus.

However, as a result of this new-found fame and attention, a more sinister presence in the form of Titch’s abusive, dysfunctional real family emerges. Sensing an opportunity for fame, money and attention they set about causing trouble for Billy Stink and the circus.

Billy Stink’s Incredible Circus is a heart-warming illustrated children’s poetry book about love and friendship, and features an array of wonderful, quirky characters set against the backdrop of a famous circus. It celebrates what makes us different and encourages readers to embrace their quirks as positives, not negatives.

Rik Arron lives in Prestwich, Manchester. He has been writing poems, stories and screenplays since he was a young child, even making some of them into short films with friends. Rik’s love of writing and storytelling led him to a career in the television industry as a writer, producer and director but it was as Channel Editor for 850 episodes of a live, daily children’s television show for Manchester United TV that he honed his love of writing for children. The arrival of Rik’s daughters inspired him to write poetry specifically with them in mind. He wanted to create stories to read to them that were fun, colourful and full of imagination but also had good morals and important values within them.


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