A Hedgehog Story: Hedgehog Magic


  • Publication Date: 28/06/2019
  • Format: Paperback
  • Author Name: David Hills

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Follows on from A Hedgehog Story: Hedgehog Queen published in June 2018.

Autumn has arrived and Alistair is surprised to discover that the badge he received from the Hedgehog Queen earlier in the year is magical. By mistake he gently rubs the badge and with a big burst of sparkle dust, Hamish the hedgehog re-appears. Alistair is so pleased to see Hamish again and is very excited to find that his badge is magical.

Soon, a little hedgehog called Hector enters Alistair’s garden. He is in search of the hedgehog Queen as he needs help to find his two lost sisters. He is confronted with a strange black creature who is a little grumpy and not at all friendly. Hector is cold and scared and he calls for help. Eventually the strange black creature seeks out the little hedgehog and begins to befriend him. This creature is, in fact, a little rat with a white waistcoat and small, uneven spectacles. He goes by the name of Mr. Tilly.

One evening, Hector is searching the garden and is calling out for the hedgehog Queen to help him. Alistair hears his calls and rushes to see who it is. He discovers little Hector and learns of his terrible dilemma. Thinking fast, Alistair uses his magical badge to call Hamish to see if he can help Hector in his quest to find his two lost sisters. Alistair, Hector and Hamish embark on a journey through a spooky but shiny forest and discover that Hector’s sister’s are trapped inside a bat-guarded tree.

Can they save the day and reunite the hedgehog family? They’ll need the help of Mr. Tilly and, of course, the magical badge from the hedgehog Queen.

David Hills lives in Sittingbourne, Kent and has written this book after being inspired by the hedgehogs that frequently visit his garden. David loves writing and also enjoys making music with his band.


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