Toffee Apple’s Big Adventure

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ISBN: 978-1-909984-22-6

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Toffee Apple the hamster has a good life in a school, watching TV with the children at treat time, and with plenty to eat. But he is lonely, and he longs for adventure.

When six-year-old Maddy rescues a mouse and smuggles him into school, she has no idea what adventures lie ahead for the cool, streetwise mouse and his new hamster friend, and what amazing thing she will discover about herself.

The outside world is full of surprises for Toffee Apple. He makes animal friends, but discovers other animals are dangerous. Then he meets another hamster, and his life changes forever with another wonderful surprise.

2 reviews for Toffee Apple’s Big Adventure

  1. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): This book is for all ages, the story is about Toffee Apple the school hamster. Maddy a little girl had picked up a mouse called Hergy7 out side her home and put it in her pocket and went to school. When it was home time Maddy put the mouse in the cage with Toffee Apple. Toffee Apple with the help of Hergy7 escape from the cage in school and when the cleaner locks up the school for the night the two of them go outside. Toffee Apple gets his name shorten to TA, TA had never been in the outside world and meets loads of new things car, rain, and bushes with thorns on it. they get home to Hergy7 home and TA makes a load of mess when he is eating and he smells. TA and Hergy7 go to a party and TA breaks the stage which there both have to run as the rest of the small animals are after them, a owl pick up TA and drops him over the wall into the next door garden. TA meets up with a load of other pet the lady keeps. it soon turns out that TA is not a boy but a girl, TA meets another hamster called Ali G and TA life changes for ever

  2. Book Guild

    (From Amazon): Toffee Apple is a delightful book, not just for children. I’m young at heart and I enjoyed his story. Highly entertaining and full of humour. When is the next one coming out.

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