A Hedgehog Story: Hedgehog Queen

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  • Author Name: David Hills
  • Publication Date: 28/04/2018
  • Format: Paperback

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Hamish the hedgehog wakes from hibernation and sets out on a mission to find ‘the chosen one’ and to play, of course. Hamish is discovered by a little boy called Alistair in his back garden, and Alistair is fascinated by this creature of nature – as the hedgehog has sparkly spikes and leaves a small trail of silver dust behind him. Though he is shy, Alistair is comforted by the visit from Hamish after recently loosing his old pet cat.

After deciding that Hamish should stay with him, Alistair sets up a box for Hamish to live in. Soon after, a second hedgehog enters the garden and accidentally knocks itself and Hamish into the garden pond. Alistair comes to the rescue but later that evening, Alistair cannot find Hamish anywhere in the garden. All of a sudden, the hedgehog house starts to grow bigger and bigger; Alistair hears music growing closer and louder, and before he knows it, the hedgehog house is the same size as his.

A voice welcomes the boy into the house and he enters on a deep red soft carpet which leads to a room with a very shiny table. Hamish greets Alistair and throws him a party – serving him his favourite food. The party is interrupted by the hedgehog Queen who presents Alistair with a special gold badge for his loyal friendship to Hamish, and for rescuing her and Hamish from the pond earlier that day. The next morning Alistair is disappointed to find no hedgehog, no house and no sparkle – was it really all just a dream?

Author David Hills lives in Sittingbourne, Kent and has written this book after being inspired by the hedgehogs that frequently visit his garden. David loves writing and also enjoys making music with his band.

2 reviews for A Hedgehog Story: Hedgehog Queen

  1. Jill and Delia

    We love this little heart-warming story. It is magical.

  2. Louise J, aged 13

    Hedgehog Queen is a wonderfully well written book full of magic and mischief. Hamish the hedgehog is an adorable, quirky character and his bond with Alistair is unlike any other friendship. Alistair finds himself in the midst of mystic madness, could he be the chosen one? This heart-warming adventure has magic every step of the way and is guaranteed to make you smile. I thoroughly enjoyed this book & would say it is suited for all ages & especially the young at heart.

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