William Bleasdale

Following a varied career with both public and private organisations (including a spell with British Rail) I took early retirement so that I could fulfil a long held ambition to travel over the Andes by train and this happened in 2007. It was then the highest standard gauge railway in the world at 15,693 feet above sea level.

Since then I have not looked back and some of my rail journeys have included Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Russia, Thailand, Morocco, Malaysia, Hungary, Eire and Scotland and on those journeys I have met many people and heard many languages and the sights, sounds and people have been both interesting and exciting and the memories remain.

In always seeking to talk with the people that I have met on these journeys I have gained a rich experience of other people and their way of life and the memories remain fresh and valuable to me.

Latest Book From Bankok to Singapore - Willian Bleasdale

William Bleasdale loves to travel, and he loves train journeys. He combines these two obsessions in his affectionate travelogue, drawn from the day-to-day notes he made during his time in Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco and Russia.
His style is immediate and exciting, as he plunges into local culture and tradition, undeterred by lack of shared language and relying only on gesture and pantomime with often hilarious results. His camera is always at the ready, and The Trans Siberian Railway is heavily and beautifully illustrated throughout with his own stunning colour photographs.
His enthusiasm for travel, architecture, railway history, and above all the people he meets along the way shines through the pages of this unusual and inspiring memoir. You can find or buy the book from our online shop.

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Rails over the andes - willian bleasdale

Footsteps of the Celts By Rail

A true rail enthusiast, William Bleasdale has produced an enthusiastic travelogue of his three journeys through Ireland and Scotland by rail. Profusely illustrated, the book is designed to appeal to rail buffs, historians, holiday-makers and armchair travellers alike.