Suzanne Hope

Suzanne Hope was born and raised in Lancashire, where she still lives today. A graduate in History from Portsmouth University, Suzanne moved to London to start her career in the non-profit sector in direct marketing for several charities. Throughout her career she has lived and worked in Italy, Bangkok, London and Panama – the latter of which inspired this story.

Latest Book

Meet Kate Lewis – She’s a burned-out charity worker, a self-described ‘stick-in-the-mud’ and a bookworm. She had a stable, cosy life in London spending her weekends buried in books until Marco came along. He’s her UN action man boyfriend and he swept her off her feet at a conference. He’s good looking and dynamic, and while it’s a case of opposites attract, over time Kate senses that Marco’s needs more from life than a pile of books by the bed and a pint in the pub on Fridays. So, when a job posting comes up in Panama Central America, one that Marco desperately wants, to show a more adventurous side, she agrees to relocate there with him to start a new life together. But all is not what is seems once they reach Panama…