Sara Leighton

Artist and Royal portrait painter Sara Leighton trained at St Martins School of Art and under the great Italian artist Pietro Annigoni. She wrote a regular column on fine art and antiques for the Telegraph, crossed Africa for the Ford Times and has written her autobiography Of Savages and Kings. Sara has also created and illustrated Angelica the Bewitching Witch and most recently The Naughty Greedy Pandamoth.

Latest Book

Have you met the Pompom-Legged Craboodle, who longs to join the circus and see his name in lights? Or the Humpalumparaff, who wanders the desert at night singing opera to the baby jackals and meerkats? And don’t forget the Naughty Greedy Pandamoth. Watch out, or he’ll be chewing your clothes for his tea!

Meet these and many more amazing animorphs in Sara Leighton’s collection of wildly imaginative creatures. With its amusing verse and delightful illustrations, this is the perfect bedtime reading book for children aged 3+. And the adults reading it will love it too…

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