Rob Watkins

I was born in December 1961 into a working class family in Worcestershire. I have a younger brother. I attended local schools around Droitwich and left Droitwich high school with 6 ‘o’levels and a couple of grade 1 CSE’s. I met my wife there and we have been happily married for decades now. I spent a couple of years at Herefordshire college of Art and Design. Where I was top student both years I was there but unfortunately, unlike today, my family were the main and only support financially with the funds topped up with whatever part time jobs I could fit in. It became too much of a financial burden on the family to continue and a career in fine art bit the dust.
I joined a large food processing company and worked up the “food chain” from shop floor into a very senior position. After eight years I moved on and started working for a large car manufacturer working the nightshift so I could be at home for our new born, and only, son whilst my wife worked on her career with us both sharing and working our jobs around the child minding to keep the costs down.

As my son grew up and my wife’s career took off I left Land Rover after seven years and went self employed as a painter and decorator specializing in original murals. I have spent some time working within the chemical industry and sales to bolster my earnings as required and now that I am well into my fifties I have tried to branch out and attempted to become a novelist. My first book was published in June 2015 with my second out in the autumn of 2016.

Latest Book How to kill a minority shareholder - rob watkins

My first book, How to Kill a Minority Shareholder… is a novel about a woman called Deb who had worked and fought her way from the council estate to a position that promised a comfortable retirement for her and her husband, Bob, and would make all sacrifices over the years worthwhile. Her skill, dedication and knowledge had enabled her to take a failing, small family business she had joined a quarter century before and turn it into an international empire.

At the happiest and proudest point of her hard-working life, Deb’s evil boss, Ms Summer Posenbury, after twenty-five years of festering, hidden jealousy, shattered Deb’s world. With the help of her unscrupulous cohorts, Summer took away everything she had promised. She destroyed Deb’s reputation, took her rewards, trashed Deb’s achievements and dumped her at rock bottom.
Summer and her cohorts thought they were too rich and powerful to fear retribution for what they had done. They had made a big mistake!

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