Richard Hughes

Richard is an avid Martial Artist who has studied various forms over many years. Studied at Loughborough University where his passion for martial arts grew with the numerous clubs that were available through the Students Union. Now teaching his own swordsmanship group, Richard hopes to provide the same opportunities he had to future students.

Latest Book

The Mind-Forged Sword teaches readers how to derive principles from a wide range of situations, refine them through rigorous study and then apply these principles into new situations, to advance ourselves for new understandings. Richard extracts and expands upon the core concepts from The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi and The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Through understanding the principles that lie at the core of combat Richard enables readers to establish and utilise the methods that lead to success. Principles can be derived and iterated upon, in order to provide a more universal approach, rather than dealing in specific details. This is simply a principle applied in a situation. Understanding the root elements allows you to develop and diversify tactics, which will develop a unique method tied directly to your own study and knowledge.

The book’s roots is in military strategy and martial arts, but Richard hopes that his lessons will help readers uncover a wider range of principles that apply in many other walks of life.

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