Lauren Brown

Lauren Rose Brown is a 23 year old author from Leicestershire. She attended De Montfort University and obtained a 1st Class Media Technology degree in 2013. Lauren has always had a passion for writing and had her first novel, The Reverie: Beginnings, published at just 22 years of age. She is currently setting up her own business, promoting The Reverie and writing her sequel. Her aspiration is to become a best-selling author.

Latest Book The reverie: beginnings - lauren rose brown

Aislin has the Reverie. She can see the future in her dreams. Events to come have always been delivered to her while she sleeps, but until tragedy strikes her family they are just meaningless glimpses of teenage life. Now her dreams have disappeared altogether and girls from her school are falling prey to a vicious killer in the village. She knows that she is the only person with the vision to identify the killer and do something about the serial slayings terrorizing her friends, but with her sleeping mind switched to blank she is powerless to help.

Everyone is a potential suspect in a village of weird and broken characters. But Aislin can only begin to sift through the ever-expanding suspect list once she has looked deep into herself and the history of her power, and found a way to reignite the flames of vision from within. What she finds will lead her on a dangerous path into the clutches of an evil that may never let her go.

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