Krys Kingston

Krys Kingston was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and relocated to the UK in 2011. She now resides in London which provides the setting for her first novel, Rose The Awakening. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History from the University of Western Ontario. Krys is a keen artist, and while not writing fiction, can often be found in her home-based studio.

Having taken an interest in gothic fiction from an early age, Krys has draw inspiration for her work from this long tradition including the works of Mary Shelley, Charlotte Brontë, Oscar Wilde, and Anne Rice.

Latest Book Rose: The Awakening - Krys Kingston

Left destitute by the sudden death of her father, beautiful, wilful Rose Maines lives with her mother in dingy lodgings in London’s East End.

To support them, her mother agrees to work as housekeeper to the mysterious Mr Weir. Quickly his relationship with young Rose disintegrates into a searing love–hate passion and Rose knows she will have to take drastic action if she is to survive. However, an even deeper, darker fate lies in wait for her…

Set in a late-Victorian London of fog-bound streets, gloomy cemeteries and secret brothels, Rose: The Awakening – the first in a trilogy – is a compellingly seductive tale of love and passion whose chilling twists and turns will keep readers guessing to the bitter-sweet end…

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