Dagmar Morris

Dagmar Morris lives in Wickford, Essex, with her husband and two daughters. The eldest is 22 and has recently left university; she was the inspiration for the book. Dagmar has had an interesting and varied career and has vast experience with dealing with the general public. She has worked for several fashion companies in marketing and public relations and has gone onto work for financial institutions in London, dealing with banking and broker sectors. She started her own freelance beauty business when her children arrived, whilst being a director and company secretary for her husband’s consultancy firm. She has since moved on to work for the Fire Service in Essex, dealing with community liaison.

Latest Book

The book explains in detail the university process from a parent’s perspective. When author Dagmar’s eldest daughter was at the stage of looking into universities, she realised the complexity of it and found there was nowhere she could turn for help.
It was at this point that Dagmar began to write the guide about the journey of the university search, to help other parents prepare for the oncoming experience and events. It covers the time period from Dagmar’s daughter qualifying for university, to her being settled into a job.

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