Barry Johnson

After retiring in 2005, Barry Johnson began writing ancient Greek stories. He published only one of these stories, but he thinks he will eventually get around to revisiting them. Barry uses his experience in the Royal Navy and his degree in psychology to help write his novels. Wherein Lies Justice?, Staying Alive, Hunt The Killer and Saving A Lady, all published with The Book Guild. Barry, an owner/director of Learning Partners, has also published well over sixty professional articles.

Latest Book Saving a lady - Barry Johnson

Jake Robinson has been living the good life – a safe if frustrating job and an illicit liaison with a beautiful woman – but all that is about to change as he is recalled to the Special Section of MI5. Once again, he will take up his place in the elite team that dirty their hands in the waters that all other authorities deny exist, and put his life at risk in the name of justice.

Following their perilous escape from Bolivia, Sister Veronica has been abducted and Sister Theresa is in danger. Jake is committed to ensuring their safety, but now there are two contracts out on his life. Jake has to negotiate the labyrinth of secrets and lies on his own side before he can even begin to understand his role in the case.

With deadly bureaucracy and self-interest infecting every movement he and his team make, it is impossible to know who to trust. Why is the Home Secretary risking his career being involved, and what exactly is his relationship with the Bolivians and the two Sisters?

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Book Collection

HuntTheKiller Barry Johnson

Hunt the Killer

Jake Robinson, ex-military policeman-turned-MI5 operative, returns for a third explosive case, determined to solve a series of brutal international murders of women from the UK to the States and Iraq. Fresh from his violent undercover incarceration in HMS Peasmarsh, where he avenged the murder of Sergeant Jase Phillips, he must now fight to clear the name of the young fallen soldier, but is he worthy of Jake’s faith?

Staying Alive - Barry Johnson

Staying Alive

MI5 agent Jake Robinson is back, pitting his wits once again against The Family, a high-powered network with far-reaching arms that simultaneously caress the heights of Government while clawing through the gutters of the criminal underworld.

Jake’s intervention in the miscarriage of justice surrounding the murder trial of his friend Jase Phillips is called upon once again when Phillips is murdered in prison. With The Family the obvious conspirators, Jake has no choice but to go undercover to get to the bottom of and avenge the death of his friend.

Wherein lies the justice - Barry Johnson

Wherein Lies Justice

There is no doubt that Corporal Munro and Sergeant Philips killed Major Carmichael to protect their fellow soldiers. Military policeman, Captain Jake Robinson, investigated the case and he’s all set to see that justice is served. But, as the court martial approaches, it is apparent that the evidence has been tampered with. Somebody doesn’t want the truth to get out.

Major Carmichael had powerful friends who are willing to do anything to uphold his reputation as a hero. He has The Family – a dominating force in the world of politics and the criminal world. As part of the prosecution, Jake finds himself in a difficult position; witnesses are suddenly unable to testify and the two soldiers will be hung out to dry unless he has the courage to defend them.