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ISBN: 9781913551681


The Last Generation

April 28, 2021

Earth is dying, and the most important academic year in Ellie’s life is about to begin. The divisive examination process of the ‘Level Twelves’ promises admission aboard the ‘flight-to-freedom’ programme, for those who pass. But what of those who fail?

Ellie is deaf. When she lip-reads two teachers discussing the possibility of the programme being abolished, she grows curious about the motives behind the faceless ‘Legion’. With mounting fears that Legion selection may come down to more stringent testing, and questions over the unexplained whereabouts of past students, Ellie starts to notice a worrying pattern. 

Ellie’s distrust of everyone around her deepens when the dynamics of her friendship group are altered with a new arrival, but her fear for the future of mankind must take priority. With so much to lose, Ellie must find a way to save herself, as well as those closest to her to make sure she is not one of the very last generation.

Miles Bavin has been working for a passenger boat company in Bristol since 2010. He qualified as a Boat-master in 2012 and became a company director in 2019. He is the author of the children’s book, Old Ben and the Carrier Pigeon (Silver Wood Books, Bristol), and lives in Weston-super-Mare.