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ISBN: 9781913551995


In the Silence Long-Forgotten, Almond Trees Blossom

June 28, 2021

The 1980s. Jack, a geologist in Libya is rescued from jail by Bushra, daughter of wealthy Greek/Libyan parents. Their ten-year affair is fraught with difficulties, her political activism, his loveless marriage. They have twins, born in Athens and separated at birth against their parents’ will; Stavros is taken to Benghazi by Bushra’s parents, Emma to London with Jack.

The 2020s. After Russia sweeps through the Balkans, Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, the UN creates two mandates in Libya; Cyrenaica in the east governed by the Russians, Tripolitania and Fezzan in the west led by the European Defence Alliance (EDA). Tensions in the region are further compounded by an increasingly unstable climate and overwhelming refugee crisis.

2031. Emma’s daughter Isabel joins EDA. After surviving a life-threatening incident on the border, she is forcibly taken into Cyrenaica. Bushra, barely existing in occupied Greece, unexpectedly contacts Jack, who struggles to come to terms with their past. They are shocked to hear from Stavros, long-thought dead, who leads the resistance against the Russians in Cyrenaica and is responsible for Isabel’s abduction.

The effects of history bind family members together as they and Cyrenaica move towards a new future in this thought provoking-novel of love, tragedy and reconciliation.

David B P Mayne was born and brought up in Ireland and graduated from Trinity College Dublin. For many years he worked for Irish, British and American engineering consultants on large projects throughout Africa, the Middle East, Greece and Russia but is now retired. He has completed two courses with the London School of Journalism; Short Story Writing and Travelling Writing. He now lives in Surrey with his wife.