Angela Fish

Angela Fish lives in South Wales and her publications include non-fiction, short stories and poetry. She has worked with schools and communities to improve communication between the generations and has been in demand, nationally and internationally, as a conference presenter and an invited speaker. ‘Ben and the Spider Gate’ is her first book for children.

You can visit Angela’s website at for more information or reach out to her on Facebook.

Latest Book

Ben and the Spider Prince

In this follow-up to Ben and the Spider Gate, Lox and the Spider Wizard need Ben’s help again. Can Ben find the special ingredients in time to make the magic potion to cure the Spider Prince’s illness?

Will Gran tell Ben a secret that will keep him safe from Spindra, the evil sister of spider Queen?

Coming in 2016

Ben and the Spider Lake 

Angela Fish - Ben and the Spider Lake

In the summer holidays Ben, his family, his dog Scoot, and his best friend Jess, stay in a cottage near the Dark Mountains. Ben and Jess find out that there’s a lake inside the mountain called Spider Lake and the wonder if this is the lake that Ben’s Gran has told him about. Scoot gets into trouble when he finds a way through a cave onto the path around the lake where Ben and Jess meet a white owl called Hiboo and a mysterious lady.

When Ben arrives home from his holiday, he finds that the lane at the back of his garden is going to be dug up. He worries that the spiders living under the lane will not only lose their home but they could end up getting hurt. Ben tries to find Lox, guardian of the spider kingdom to warn him. Ben and Jess try desperately to think of somewhere that the spiders can live, but with only four weeks until the workmen arrive, can they find somewhere in time?