Allan Goodbrand

Allan Goodbrand is an international businessman who has lived in the US and Europe, and has held senior positions with a number of companies. He is currently the European Chief Executive of a US technology firm. Outside of work, Allan’s interests range from fine food and wine to music and writing. He has three grown up children and lives near London.

Latest Book

Have you ever wondered about the origins of those sayings we use every day without thinking? ‘A hat trick’, for example? Apparently, in 1858 a certain H.H. Stevenson, cricketer, took three wickets with three consecutive balls. It was such a feat that a hat was purchased and presented to him. The practice of scoring three times in a single match in various sports has been known as a hat trick ever since.

In this charming and informative anthology, Allan Goodbrand brings together a selection of his favourite sayings and similes, and leavens the results of his research with his own quirky observations. For a hat trick, for example: ‘I wonder what would have happened if he had been presented with some other item instead of a hat. A “trouser trick” might give the wrong impression altogether, and a “two crystal tumblers and a decanter trick” just isn’t as catchy is it?’

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