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Within the Secret State: a disturbing study of the use and misuse of power

Within the Secret State: a disturbing study of the use and misuse of power 
Ours is an increasingly regulated society. For 40 years Peter Evans has been watching the way the state uses power and the inexorable rise of the surveillance society, damaging freedom and institutions. A Times journalist for 30 years and Home Affairs Correspondent for 17, he has enjoyed a privileged position as an informed observer of the Secret State. The surveillance society is part of a trend that puts systems first and people second. This it tries to justify as necessary for our own protection. The threat of terrorism is real enough, but our fear of it is being exploited to undermine our civil liberties. Central to this process is MI5, with its growing power, its lack of public accountability, its harassing of individuals and use of smear tactics, together with its failures over the attacks on London which killed 52 people and threatened the lives of many more. In Within the Secret State Peter Evans shows how individuals and institutions ? the police, the armed forces, the judiciary, the prison service, the National Health Service and journalists ? have all suffered from encroachment and interference by a centralising bureaucracy. This is a timely and important book that provides us with a stark contemporary warning ? never to lower our guard when liberty is threatened.

Author Peter Evans
ISBN 9781846242434
Cover Type Hardback
Format 234X156
Publication Date 29/1/2009
Price: £16.99

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