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Poor Little Rich Girls

Poor Little Rich Girls 
It is the 1960s and women are wanting ? and winning ? more, far far more, than the cards Fate dealt them at birth. For some like Penny Welling, it is the honour of being a Dame, having the ear of the prime minister and being spokesman for the entire British tourist industry. For others like the feline beauty, Marianne Wilkinson, an ancient European title together with a fabulous fairy-tale castle, an ancestral necklace of triple-looped black pearls and yards of mink. While others such as Christiana Stephanopolous ? wife of a Greek shipping tycoon ? prefer to dress in sable while dreaming of heading the Board Room. Yet even the haughty, scheming and mega-successful Christiana risks being eclipsed by her ambitious daughter, Stephanie, a feisty eighteen-year-old with all her mother?s beauty and business brains yet with markedly different ideas on the route to becoming an empress of an international industrial giant ?

Author Moss Murray
ISBN 9781846245367
Cover Type
Publication Date 24/2/2011
Price: £14.99

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