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Pioneers of Ecological Humanism

Pioneers of Ecological Humanism 
In his remarkable new book Brian Morris examines the lives, works and philosophy of three key thinkers in the field of modern ecology. Lewis Mumford, René Dubos and Murray Bookchin, Morris argues, all made hugely important contributions to thinking in the field, and have all equally been unfairly overlooked or misunderstood by their contemporaries and successors. In examining the concepts of organic or ecological humanism and social ecology as presented by Mumford, Dubos and Bookchin respectively, Professor Morris paves the way for fresh debate about the interaction between human beings and their environment, and, vitally, about what ‘ecology’, ‘environmentalism’ and ‘preservation’ actually mean and should seek to achieve in the years to come. Essential reading for anyone with an interest or active role in ecology and its associated disciplines, Pioneers of Ecological Humanism is written in a clear and refreshingly direct style that will appeal to activists, academics and armchair ecologists alike.

Author Brian Morris
ISBN 9781846247149
Cover Type
Publication Date 28/6/2012
Price: £17.99

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