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How to Bag a Jabberwock

How to Bag a Jabberwock 
We think that the world has been pacified, that the wild things of this Earth have been tamed, and all is at peace. We go to bed at night, thanking God we are British and that the Empire has brought order and stability to the globe. But all is not as it appears... For in remote and hidden places, strange and deadly creatures still lurk. High in the heavens deadly Kraken patrol the skies and deep underground the mysterious Shide lie slumbering, ready to stalk our dreams. Scorpion-tailed Manticores prey upon our soldiers in the Persian hills and in the snowy mountains of Tibet the legendary Yeti waits in ambush for the unwary Himalayan traveller. Yes, even with these emerald isles, Monsters linger – Vampires, Lycanthropes and Ghoti... I, Major Jack Union, know these creatures inside out, indeed have spent a lifetime searching for them, hunting them down and wiping them from the face of the globe. In this book, I reveal the secret world of Monsters, their appearance, their habitats, their method of attack. I give you the means to defend yourself and the means to preserve the Empire. This, dear friend, is my legacy.

Author Major Jack Union
ISBN 9781846247538
Cover Type
Publication Date 31/5/2012
Price: £12.99

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