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Convivial Policies for the Inevitable

Convivial Policies for 
the Inevitable 
Do you worry about what sort of world your grandchildren will inherit? Do you worry about a world where there’s no oil left to power anything — from cars to generators — and where global warming has wreaked havoc? In the pages of this passionately argued book, Michael Bassey spells out what he sees as our inevitable future — one where we are forced to develop long-forgotten skills and relate to each other in long-forgotten ways, simply because there’s no longer any alternative. But, ever the optimist, he sees such a future in a positive way, a convivial one, where today’s superficial ‘wealthist’ way of life — fast cars, designer clothes and the latest technology — no longer has a place, and where instead we rethink democracy, education and economics and begin to care for everyone in our local community again. Whether this prospect intrigues you or fills you with horror, if Michael Bassey is right, it’s going to happen — so you’d do well to open the book and find out more about the inevitable face of the future.

Author Michael Bassey
ISBN 9781846248061
Cover Type
Publication Date 27/9/2012
Price: £17.99

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